Alt Summit Tips from a Newly-Minted Veteran

Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm back from a big week at Altitude Summit in Salt Lake City. Alt is technically a design conference, but it's really more like a big slumber party. A slumber party where instead of pajamas you wear skinny jeans and instead of having a pillow fight, you stalk Ben Silberman. And the slumber party isn't at your house, it's held at the house of that really REALLY cool girl who rides a Vespa and wears tights with horizontal stripes on them.

Now that I've experienced Alt, I feel like I can offer some key pieces of advice for those thinking about attending in 2013:

1. Make a list of the people you'd like to see/meet while you're there. Read up on their blogs. Learn more about their careers, families, and personal preferences. That way, when you find yourself next to Pilar Guzmán while in line for the toilet, you can say, "Hey, how did that bathroom remodel turn out?" rather than, "Holy cow! My bladder is SO FULL. I love your pants."

2. Think about the cutest outfit you're planning to bring. Now make it cuter. Now CUTER. Okay, now you're ready.

3. When it comes to business cards, dream big. Paper is passé. Rectangles are lame-o. Think about the Christmas gift you loved most from your childhood and then buy 250 of those to hand out to the people you meet.

4. If you are male, you'll want to practice some immersion therapy leading up to the event. Does your local YWCA have a prenatal yoga class you can audit? How about a Nicholas Sparks book club? What you want here is sheer quantity of ladies.

5. Consider bringing a rolling suitcase, fun vintage red wagon, or sherpa to help carry your swag. Nothing says "Alt Rookie" like a back injury.

Thanks to the Alt people for putting on such a fabbolus design conference (cough: slumber party: cough) and having me as a speaker. I'll post some nuggets from my roundtable session later, but for now I'm going to get caught up on my sleep and relive this moment:


nichole said...

You are SOOO talented. Next year I will be there to listen to you as you talk about how to triple your site traffic... because you can do it.

Little known facts-
When/If I grow up I'd like to be you.
You intimidate me. But I still like you.

Hope life is treating you well.

Elle Keeps Moving said...

still laughing about #2. so true. why didn't someone tell me that before the conference?

Kara said...

Your outfit is AMAZING! You went fab, then more fab and ended up at Holy Cow!

Such a great post.

Hillary said...

Elle: dressing cute is ALL anyone told me before attending the conference. Not sure how you missed it. :)

I like #4 - I was trying to convince my husband to go (he blogs more than I do) but he doesn't think he can handle that many women...which is true, since *I* barely could.


holy hysterical spot-on review!

ps. i hate birds too.

{ SHE } said...

It was such a treat to meet you and have lunch sitting next to you as well! You are so talented! I shared your business card as one of my faves today on my blog. You can check it here if you'd like!
Hope we cross paths again! If not at ALT, maybe in my favorite city of all, NYC!!!

Liz - So Much to Smile About said...

Loving all the recaps from Alt! Will have to go myself next year! Thanks for the tips!

Kage said...

cool--I had no idea you went. Would love to hear more about it.