Saturday, August 15, 2009

My triumphant return to yoga included the following poses:

Sweaty warrior (I and II)
Downward facing drip
Heatstroked child's pose

Apparently the ceiling fans are just for looks.


Will said...

I'm jealous of people who do yoga. Mostly because they sort of cultivate a you-should-be-jealous, I-feel-awesome-all-the-time kind of aura.
I am unable to do yoga, though. For two reasons:
1. My mom was into yoga way before being into yoga was cool. As a self-conscious teen, I was mortified. So I did what any teenager worth his Clearasil would do: I mocked it. A lot. If I started doing yoga now, I'd owe her an apology.
2. There are a lot of yoga poses that seem like they would be impossible to hold while not farting. And I'm not going to be the dude who farts in yoga class.

Lee said...


Brian Hall said...

Yeah, I hate being the only sweaty person at our gym. You would think, as I foolishly did, "Hey, it's a gym. Everyone's going to be sweaty. I'll fit right in!" But it seems that the only other people at the gym fit into one of the following sweat-free categories:

-90-pound female college athletes who sweat less while playing hours of full-contact sports than I do while peeling vegetables.

-Older and/or heavier (not judging here) persons who rarely break more than .5 miles per hour on the treadmill.

-Muscular jock guys who hang out in the weights area, joke around loudly, and occasionally do some exercise that apparently involves dropping thousand-pound weights from a height of ten feet, creating a full-scale sonic boom.

Thus, I feel a little lonely in my sweatiness.