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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Slanket or Snuggie?

While Slanket clearly has the better name (I'm a sucker for a portmanteau) and comes in more colors, it's also TWICE the price of Snuggie. Actually, make that FOUR TIMES the price, because IF I CALL IN THE NEXT FIFTEEN MINUTES I can get two Snuggies for the price of one. AND a free ROBOTIC book light.

But I bet Slanket is of a higher quality. And there are no soul-sucking infomercials for Slanket. Snuggie's ad campaign is almost as terrible as the ones for those Igia hair-removal products from a few years ago, and those things turned out to be a total scam. But how scammy can a blanket with sleeves be? It turns out to be knee-length?

Okay, I have to run. Only 2 minutes left before that two-for-one-plus-booklight deal runs out.


becky said...

knee length? what good is that? SLANKET.

breckster said...

Where I grew up (Minnesota) we said "snuggie" instead of "wedgie." So, I could never buy a snuggie. (And it wasn't just my friends and family... ask a Minnesotan what a snuggie is, and they will tell you.)

becky said...

also, i just watched that video and they look more like a long turtleneck night gown. SLANKET! slankets appear less constricting around the neck.

Miko said...

I've had a Slanket for over a year! I love love love it!! Worth every penny!

chelsea said...

just thought you'd like to keep an eye out for one of these little events in your neck of the woods: