a nursery lesson

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Me: Before you came to live with your family, you lived with your Heavenly Father!
Ava: I have a princess movie at my house!
Me: Heavenly Father wants you to come to live with him again.
Elliott: BaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA!
Me: When we're nice to each other and we love our families, it shows Heavenly Fath --- No, Anna we don't put carrots in Elizabeth's ear.


Michemily said...

Wow, that is exactly how my nursery lesson was. Except for the carrots. Instead, it was a piece of roll.

Christine said...

Ahhhh, aren't they cute?! :)

Hartley Family said...

Oh my gosh- I'm seriously peeing my pants right now because you just summed up teaching nursery right there in those few sentences.

Brian Hall said...

Yeah.... I'm peeing my pants because you pretty much summed up teaching middle school. Just substitute the "Heavenly father" stuff with a lesson on five paragraph essays.

Jill said...

hilarious + so often the case. good job in training the troops. :)

di said...

o man. love it