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Friday, August 1, 2008

Did you know I'm moving to New York? Like... Manhattan New York? Like... in two weeks?

Oh, you didn't? Then maybe you also didn't know that I'm selling my car. Why? Because having a car in New York is like having a parka in Las Vegas. It's hot. I mean it's unnecessary.

What's that you ask? Why yes, it IS small and fuel-efficient and totally awesome. Low miles? Indeed. And priced well below Kelley Blue Book. Do I have pictures? Don't be silly!

I promise I'll post something more interesting soon. Something better than a feeble attempt to get you (or your brother? cousin?) to buy my car. We should have wedding photos in a few days. Plus, exciting details about New York. And if you buy my car, I'll let you choose ANY topic and I'll write about it and dedicate the post to you.

Now, that's almost as good as a new car.

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Christine said...

Wow, that is a sporty ride! Sorry, no friends in need of a car, but I do know someone who wants to take a trip to NY to visit you!! :)