a to-do list of semi-epic proportions

Friday, March 21, 2008

Dear Internet,

I'm sorry I've been neglecting you lately. It's not that I don't have things I want to share with you... I do. I saw a personalized license plate this morning on my drive to work that read: BEARDWN. That's Bear Down. As in... push something out? I suppose it could have been Beard Win... but either way, Double You Tee Eff? Anyway, it made me think of you. It made me miss you. I've been designing cards. I went to the NickelCade. I even have video footage of me trying to ride this stupid horse game. I'll share it. I will. Don't look at me like that. In the meantime, I got this list idea from Lisa (who got it from someone else) and it was sort of inspiring. I like the idea of patting myself on the back while simultaneously giving myself a little nudge forward. I know it isn't NickelCade footage, but it's something. What? Just read it, you hateful witch.


29 Things I've done in the last 29 years:

1. Appeared onstage as Hansel in "Hansel and Gretel"
2. Attended Austin City Limits Festival
3. Ate Black Forest Cake IN the Black Forest
4. Potty-trained a puppy
5. Finished a marathon
6. Learned how to knit
7. Cut my own bangs
8. Helped Eddie Vedder personalize a leather photo album
9. Lost one million pounds
10. Appeared on the front page of the Nevada Appeal
11. Lived in nine states
12. Given up nail biting
13. Thrown a coin into Trevi Fountain
14. Gone sailing in Santa Barbara
15. Given a speech at Junior High graduation
16. Watched Casablanca without falling asleep
17. Moved to San Francisco by myself
18. Lived with a Russian
19. Gone undefeated at SingStar AND American Idol
20. Hosted "Let's Make A Deal"
21. Designed my brother's wedding invitations
22. Visited the town where Goonies was filmed
23. Purchased one square foot of rainforest
24. Practiced makeup artistry
25. Done Bikram yoga thrice in one week
26. Attended piano camp
27. Perfected my Midwestern accent
28. Watched dolphins swim in the ocean
29. Served as a hand model

35 Things I'd Like to Do Before 35:

1. Start a crafty design business
2. Kick my Diet Pepsi habit
3. Accept the appearance of my feet
4. Knit a sweater
5. Do my own taxes without crying
6. Learn to play the trumpet (or flugelhorn)
7. Vacation somewhere with indoor/outdoor bungalow rooms
8. Run a half-marathon
9. Write a collection of semi-autobiographical short stories
10. Fly a kite in Central Park
11. Attempt improv comedy
12. Fly first class
13. Make a kid
14. Own a fancy camera and learn how to use it
15. Make creme brulee with a tiny torch
16. Write a screenplay
17. Attend a live taping of Oprah (don't you judge me)
18. Attend a black-tie New Years Eve party
19. Have a #6 showerhead in my home
20. Design a font
21. Get paid to use my commercial voice
22. Paint a decent self portrait
23. Stop needing validation from other people (thanks, Lisa)
24. Invest in the stock market
25. Overcome my irrational fear of birds
26. Find the perfect pair of jeans
27. Make and consume a Paula Deen recipe without feeling guilty
28. Volunteer for Girl Scouts
29. Learn to speak Spanish
30. Meet Barack Obama
31. Get a massage on the beach in Bali
32. Start a collection of vintage board games
33. Take a girl's cruise
34. See Paul Simon and/or Elton John in concert
35. Write a post for the dating blog (sorry, Natali)


B. said...

I've done six of those things.

becky said...

you finished a marathon? I THOUGHT I KNEW YOU!!

Hartley Family said...

I love that 'make a kid' is on there but get married isn't :) Hmmm . . . I want to go on a cruise so bad. I'll go with you!

Emily said...

That Paula Dean recipe is just gross looking. If you accomplish that one, I would suggest picking a different recipe. :)

Will said...

Clearly, the license plate was a bear hunter bragging about his latest conquest.

natali said...

i feel guilty watching paula dean. i can feel my heart clogging.