my big small

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I poked around a little today to see if the domain is available. It isn't. Not that I'm planning to leave Blogger anytime soon... I just like the idea of a short URL. Someday. A girl's gotta have her dreams. Anyway, looks like there are plenty of good alternatives. I can't decide between and I'm also just a little disturbed that is the second most expensive domain name available. I've been having fun thinking about what that logo might look like... which is to say nothing of the product offering.


Project X said...

And only $1000 for! What a deal! With a name like that, the website practically designs itself.

The Cliftens said...

I vote for a contradiction. What does biggest little mean anyway, I never asked you. I just loooooooooooove your BLOG. :)

Will said...

I dunno, has a certain poetry in it.
There's certainly a line of double-entendre t-shirts in there somewhere. "If you can't run in big slacks, stay on the porch" or somesuch. I think you see where I'm headed here.