someone intervene me

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I think I'm addicted to the show "Intervention." This is especially concerning because it is a program about addiction. It is maybe the most depressing show on television and I can't figure out why I love it so much. I'd like to believe I'm not someone who gets off on observing the misery of others, someone who feels some sort of excitement (high) from knowing other people are worse off. And seriously... am I any different than the addicts? I'm starting to think no. I just realized today how many things about my relationship with Intervention are unhealthy (and I learned this from watching Intervention).

The television program, "Intervention" has negatively affected my life in the following ways:

1. I get really sad and mopey when I watch Intervention.
2. I can't stop watching Intervention once I start. This is unfortunate because A&E often runs multiple episodes back to back.
3. Sometimes I'd rather watch Intervention than interact with real people.
4. The stories haunt me... and sometimes I'm even tempted to log on to to see if there are follow-ups.
5. I just logged on to to see if there are follow-ups.
6. I have a tiny crush on intervention specialist Jeff VanVonderen. He's just so good.
7. A new season starts on Monday and I'm already craving the high (low).


lisa said...

i feel the exact same way about intervention. did you see the one with the meth addict/bulemic girl in salt lake city?

reno said...

YES. That was horrible. And it didn't have a happy ending. I think that's the other thing that keeps me coming back... it's so unpredictable. If I knew it would always end happily... I might lose interest.

I am so effed up.

reno said...

Oh, and Lisa: it wasn't meth. Kaylee was addicted to heroin and cocaine. A mixture, in fact. It's called "speedballing."

lisa said...

oh you're right, it was speedballing. how could i forget that?

there was one last season that really haunted me. i'll have to talk to you about it. still can't get it out of my head.

maybe if we watched intervention together, it would be less consuming? we could make fun of it a little and lighten the mood? consider it.

Jessica said...

I actually don't watch it anymore for the same reasons you are contimplating banning it.
Another reason i am happy to not be working at the ranch for teens with eating disorders. it has been almost three years and i still think about all of them.
I secretly keep in touch with a couple of them!

PS the bulemic/meth head went to the ranch i worked at. As you can see it was so helpful. she was long gone before i started there.

laceyJ. said...


You can get help. I used to be a big fan, but I no longer need or have to watch this show... it always left me feeling so bad about myself, and now, I feel like a new person- I'm more happy and feel confident about my television watching skills.


I agree though; it's like a train-wreck, you can't help but watch!

Hartley Family said...

Oh! I love that show! I'm hooked too!

becky said...

here is why i PHYSICALLY cannot watch Intervention:

-i am very, VERY uncomfortable with conflict/confrontation and awkward situations. i avoid it as often as possible in my life. so to watch it taking place on tv makes me squirm.

this is also why i could barely watch the previews for Borat, let alone the actual movie.

also why i don't like testimony meeting

Cicada said...

I once watched four back-to-back episodes of The Dog Whisperer. Caesar Milan always fixes the dogs. Maybe he should get involved with Intervention and then all the stories will have happy endings. People just need to be pack leaders. That's all.

Sarah Wood said...

I think we need to start an Intervention Club, which could be similar to a book club. We could have dinner or dessert and discuss what the intervention meant to us.