short hair: vote Y or N

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thinking about going short. Thanks to the internet, I don't have to wonder if I can pull off the Rihanna look. As per usual, I can. Clearly.

The "flame thrower"

"Croissant bouffant"


The Andy Warhol

"Sludge Pile"


Morgan said...

angie i just found your blog. love it. those pictures are hilarious! i really do not like ginnifer goodwin's short haircut, just fyi, cuz i know you wanted to know that. i think you could totally pull of the short hair cut. i have been loving it!

Angenette said...

Short hair YES!
Halle Berry style

Jill said...

Y. Go big.

Jon and Annalisa said...

Was this just a tease? Are you not really going to do it? You would be fantastic with short hair. said...

Dear Angie, I'm a stranger. I wrote on the now deceased dontdodumbthings blog. I just now randomly re-read an old post of mine:

and your comment made me laugh the hardest, especially "blind people in New York" and "Matt Seracen's Grandma." So funny to me. Then I scrolled through a few of your old posts here and re-saw the lady on the subway holding steadying herself by gripping the pole in her bumcheeks. lolol. Awesome. Keep up the good work.