warm and weird

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Today felt like it might have been the first real day of Spring. The sky was blue and there was this lovely cool breeze, and every inhabitant of New York City was at Central Park. I don't think I've ever seen the park that busy. I also don't think I've ever seen a group of people more confused about their wardrobes. There were pretty much three types of people:

1. People in peacoats and scarves: these poor folks have spent the last three months looking out their windows and thinking, "BLUE SKY! It's WARM outside!" only to be greeted by a big fat "SIKE!" from Mother Nature. Why would today be any different?

2. Girls in skimpy shorts and tank tops. Throughout the last three months, these girls woke up every morning and asked, "Is it slutty time yet?" Up until today, the answer was no.

3. A disturbing combination of types 1 and 2. To wit: I saw a very tall man in VERY short spandex shorts, running shoes, and a parka. I mention his height because... well, the taller the man, the larger amount of visible man thigh. We're talking a good solid foot and a quarter of winter-white, hairy, man thigh. What I'm saying is, the ensemble was alarming on a number of levels. I've tried to figure it out, but I'm coming up short. Maybe it's the equivalent of throwing a leg out from under the covers when you're too hot in bed? Too cold for an ENTIRE tiny spandex outfit, but too warm for a snowsuit?

I really should carry my camera with me. Or not. You decide.


Jill said...

i la-la-love the 'wardrobe confusion' that comes at the change of seasons. it was especially awesome in logan, you would see everything in one day - bit woolly hats, rollerbladers with mini shorts, heavy parkas, etc.

its so funny.

Will said...

If you don't know Springtime In New York by Jonathan Richman yet, you must hie thee to Amazon and download it post haste.
It's full of great advice. Something like 'enjoy this now, because it's going to be crazy hot and humid in like a month.'

Emily said...

I completely relate to this. Exhibit A: Yesterday it was sunny at 75 degrees here (unseasonably warm for Portland), yet I spent the day dressed in jeans, a long sleeved thermal and a fleece vest, WITH my space heater on at my desk and a cup of hot tea in my hand. Why is it that the second the sun peeks out from behind a cloud for 10 seconds, the A/C in my office goes on full blast?