missed opportunities

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm pleased to report I have spotted a few more celebrities since I last reported on the subject. I still haven't seen any big celebs like Tom Cruise or Madonna, but I know they're around (I have my sources). I saw Philip Bloch, the celebrity stylist and frequent VH1 commentator, sashaying down Broadway near Lincoln Center. I passed Mariel Hemingway on my way to the Apple store, and the next day I swear we saw Dan Hedaya, the dad from Clueless! Two weeks ago, we spotted (the actress who plays) Mel from Flight of the Conchords at a show in Nolita, which was the definitely the highest quality sighting, if not the highest caliber celeb. What's important is, in each of these encounters, I remained cool and composed, barely letting on to my recognition. I'm pretty proud of myself.

But it was my brief encounter with Brian McKnight, just outside Saks Fifth Avenue, that I wish I would have handled differently. I saw him approaching on the sidewalk, carrying a shopping bag and staring up at the buildings. And then before I knew it, he had passed me and disappeared into the crowd.

I can't believe I missed my opportunity to deliver this letter to him.

And you thought I was the only blogger in the family.


sarah at twolooseteeth.com said...

HA! Awesome.

I saw Mark from So You Think You Can Dance, season 4 at Village Inn. He smiled a lot and drank a strawberry milkshake. I think I win for both 1. lowest caliber celebrity sighting and 2. creepiest observer.

Brian Hall said...

Unbelievable... funny you should mention Mel. No joke, Esquire just ran a "Women of Flight of the Conchords" pictorial. Mel was not included. Nay, not even mentioned! Is she not THE woman of Flight of the Conchords? Arrrrgh. I wish I would have mentioned this earlier. You could have asked if she felt slighted. Well, if you run into her again....

becky said...

i'm disgusted that Mel was not included in that! what a travesty!

i'm jealous you saw her. also, from now on you really should have that letter on your mind at all times

Meghann said...

I knew I liked your husband.