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Monday, August 25, 2008

I would have been 100% satisfied with just knowing my family and friends thought our wedding was awesome... but I can't deny it feels pretty cool to know that the INTERNET is excited about it too. I'm glad I didn't listen when people said things like "Wait... red and AQUA? Ummm."

Check it:

More on the move/roadtrip/NYC adventure later.

car move bacon photos duck toupee

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sometimes I make little notes in my planner when I think of something I want to blog about. Yesterday's note: Car, Move, Bacon, Photos, Duck Toupee

As you can clearly see, I have had a LOT GOING ON. Let's start at the top, shall we?

1. Car.
We sold my car. I'm pretty sure I left about 10 validation cards for the Gateway parking garage in the ashtray + a CaseLogic CD organizer under the front seat. I haven't called the buyer about this because... well, I'm trying to get rid of CDs anyway. I think he'll really like them... if he's into old David Gray bootlegs. Also, the buyer was a very young soldier who had just returned from Iraq and refused to call me by my first name. It was my first experience with "Mrs." and I actually didn't hate it. "Ma'am" on the other hand... feels like I ought to be deep frying macaroni and cheese.

2. Move.
It looks like this:
We'll be visiting Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Oh,and New York. Actually, we won't be visting New York, we'll be living there. Here's a photo of our apartment. As you can see, the previous owners are still there, but they should be out by the end of the week and then we can really get a feel for what kind of space we'll have.

3. Bacon.
I have a feeling you'll be able to visit Sarah's blog in a few days and find out more about this item, but I couldn't let the opportunity to mention it pass me by. At our final potluck on Sunday night, Sarah made... wait for it... CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON. Most people in attendance thought it sounded "Sick" or "Eew," but I thought it sounded like CHOCOLATE. And BACON. And it was both of those things. And those things confused my taste buds in the best way possible. Thank you Sarah, for more firmly cementing me into the position of "Person most likely to enjoy bacon-based confections." Which reminds me of this photo:

4. Photos.
We have wedding photos! I can't post my favorites here because of the super-tight-lockdown on Canlas photography rights, but I can link you to his blog, where he has featured some of HIS favorites. Enjoy!
Jonathan Canlas

5. Duck Toupee.
Toupees are always funny, right? Well, imagine a toupee on a duck. Better yet, don't imagine it, check it OUT. This duck lives in the pond outside my (former) office. What a ridiculous animal. Does he honestly think that thing looks REAL? It doesn't even match the rest of his head.

That is all for now. In about 72 hours I'm going to move to New York City. I am getting excited just thinking about what blog-worthy treasures I'll find there. Pigeon toupee? Stay tuned.

buy buy love

Friday, August 1, 2008

Did you know I'm moving to New York? Like... Manhattan New York? Like... in two weeks?

Oh, you didn't? Then maybe you also didn't know that I'm selling my car. Why? Because having a car in New York is like having a parka in Las Vegas. It's hot. I mean it's unnecessary.

What's that you ask? Why yes, it IS small and fuel-efficient and totally awesome. Low miles? Indeed. And priced well below Kelley Blue Book. Do I have pictures? Don't be silly!

I promise I'll post something more interesting soon. Something better than a feeble attempt to get you (or your brother? cousin?) to buy my car. We should have wedding photos in a few days. Plus, exciting details about New York. And if you buy my car, I'll let you choose ANY topic and I'll write about it and dedicate the post to you.

Now, that's almost as good as a new car.