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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Having your picture taken (a LOT) is an integral part of being engaged. It starts with the night you get engaged (see streetside snapshot in previous post) and culminates at the wedding reception. For someone who is a bit of a camera-hog (cough**me**cough), this is fun. I don't mind all the snapping and posing and whatnot. It also helps if you have a fantastic photographer.

Here's where it gets weird, though. I recently found out about something called "Boudoir" photography. You've probably already heard of it. This is basically where the bride gets to be a Playboy bunny for a day. She dons her sexiest lingerie (or cowboy boots or whatever) and strikes a seductive pose... and the result is an album full of alluring snapshots "for his eyes only." Aside from the fact that things intended for "_____'s eyes only" VERY rarely remain exclusive to "____'s" eyes, this concept seems like a really really bad idea. Even the most talented photographer can't turn Jill Schmo into a Maxim cover model. It's bound to be unsuccessful, right? And cheesey, right? And downright embarrassing too? Ummm, yes. That's exactly right.

I'm pretty sure that's a dude on the yellow motorcycle.


becky said... actually really like the idea of playboy-like pictures for my husband. especially on a yellow crotch rocket (that's a bullet bike you dirtbags)

laceyJ. said...

Oh. man. I have to say- this has been both enlightening and disgusting.

(Hmmm... maybe I should begin offering this type of photography. Angie? Model?)

Rani and Will said...

I love your engagement pictures! Adorable!

Chris, Erica, & Avva Kinnersley said...

Your photographer is GREAT! Cute pictures. You and Dave have the most beautiful eyes. You should definately get some sexy pics for Dave and wear the number I bought you for your shower!!

e said...

Ok. This has nothing to do with the pictures, but I'm so happy that you have "The Last Unicorn" on your "Watching" section. I didn't think anyone else knew about that movie!

"Look and see her, how she sparkles; It's the Last Unicorn! I'm alive... I'm alive."

Which I guess could relate in a twisted way to this post if you found some super hot, sparkly unicorn lingerie. Gross.

becky said...