once more, with energy.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Remember a few years ago when it was the cookie dough-flavored things? And then the low-carb stuff: low-carb ketchup, reduced-carb yogurt, dishtowels with 20% fewer carbs (only they'd say "less carbs")? Right now, it's Engergy.

Freaking Energy! It's. Everywhere. Not, like thermal or gravitational energy, but the sort of Energy people say they "have" or "don't have." I guess most people who talk about their own Energy levels are talking about how they don't have any. I have plenty of Energy most of the time and I don't actively pursue products that promise me more... but I can't escape this trend! Especially when it is as attractive AND tasty as this one:

They carry these at the 711 by my house. The same 711 where I overheard this conversation between employees Brita (a heavy-lidded, husky German woman) and Dale (a 45 year-old stand-up comedian with a ponytail):

Dale: The cherry Gatorade is sold out. People will just have to get G2.
Brita: Do ve have zat in cherry?
Dale: Uh, yah.
Brita: Vell zen, vat is da difference between cherry Gatorade and G2 vis cherry flavor?
Dale: Uh, I think G2 has Energy.
Brita (bewildered, shaking her head): Just vat ve need... more Energy.


laceyJ. said...

Hilarious- and so true! Jeff and I were just saying how every time we go to the store there's a new brand of energy drink!

(ps. When I was reading the dialogue, I kept hearing your voice as Brita's. Haha.)

natali said...

g2 is just harder to open if you can believe it.

FLD said...

I like that the company behind Xenergy is called Xyience. Wasn't The Secret also based on the laws of Xyience?