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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lately I've been reading a lot of blogs with entries entitled "Things I Think Are Cool Right Now" or "Stuff I Did This Weekend," which is so foreign to me... since most of my entries are like, "Possible Motivations Behind Intra-Office Nail-Clipping." I enjoy reading about the things my friends do and think and like... so it stands to reason maybe you'd be interested to know about the things I do and think and like. Right now.

So, here it is:

1. Last week was Science Fiction Week. Not, like, officially, just in my movie world. We watched Alien, Aliens and Blade Runner. All of these movies are really freaking good! I had heard Blade Runner was good... but I think I heard that from a programmer. So... you know, grain of salt. Anyway, both the Alien movies were more terrifying than I was expecting... as were the scenes where the astronauts walk around in their tiny underwear. Does that really happen in space? If so... I'm going to have to make some changes to my 10 year plan. This week is When Animals Attack week, but so far we've only watched Jaws.

2. I'm on a mission to sort/organize/eliminate a lot of my "stuff." I'm not a hoarder or anything, but I do have several pairs of unworn shoes, piles upon piles of craft supplies and at least three products designed for coarse, curly hair. I don't have coarse, curly hair. There's just something really liberating about the thought of fitting all my "stuff" into a Rubbermaid container. Some people dream about winning the lottery or making out with Brad Pitt. I dream about The Container Store. And the dreams are that good.

3. I've been doing this thing? Where I draw people during meetings? Not, like, detailed drawings with shaded upper lips or anything, just quick sketches. I considered posting a few of them here, but that seems like a bad idea, as they have been described as "devastatingly accurate." Don't worry. It's just work people. I haven't drawn you. Unless you're my coworker and you're reading this... in which case, I'm... sorry?

4. I started an Etsy shop. I have nothing for sale yet, but I'm thinking about putting some of my cards up. More on this later.

5. I saw Chris Merritt perform last weekend at Velour (+ free hotdogs!) and although his two-disc sophomore album wasn't ready for release, he gave out FREE copies of a little EP. If you like Ben Folds and (infuriatingly) infectious melodies, you should probably get your hands on it. Somehow.

6. No new episodes of Intervention. Boo. Actually, it's okay. I'm still recovering from Lawrence.

7. I'm going to New York next week. Did I mention that?

8. I've been trying to cut back on my Diet Cola habit. I think the possibility that I'll give it up entirely is unrealistic, but right now I'm just focusing on trying to drink one glass of non-brown something every day.


B. said...

I am a hoarder, and the container store just rocked my world.

Jessica said...

I love hearing what you are up to and what you like because I think you are insanely talented and entertaining and i don't get to see you enough to know all of this.

Feel free to pass the coarse curly products my way. My hair is not coarse, but it is curly and will still work. I am always searching for the miracle product to make my curls coark screw and beautiful!

No, NKOTB still have the looks thats for sure!

michelle said...

I hope to win the Lotto...I really do, and I have curly coarse hair...( in case you need to give those products away..sorry Jessica)

is it just me, or did Danny get cute, he grew up nice

Hartley Family said...

Oh my gosh- I was so sad about Lawrence, on Intervention, too. I just could not believe it! So so sad.

natali said...

lawrence broke my heart. my heart is broken. wahhhh

becky said...

lawrence made me sad and i didn't even SEE it.

also, how was new york?

sarah at said...

i recommend a product-swap to get rid of your unwanted products. lisa and i always trade curly-hair products. usually what doesn't work for one of us works for the other.
i've been on a beauty-product fast for months now. i told myself i couldn't buy new stuff until i used up all of the less-than-ideal products. i blame my crunchy-yet-frizzy hair on this resolution.