an open apology

Sunday, November 11, 2007

To all the Apolo Anton Ohno fans who have blowing my page up... Thank you. Seriously, traffic to my blog has been off the charts this week. That said, I feel I should apologize for a couple of things:

1. I spelled his name wrong.
2. I called his facial hair both "ridiculous" and "stupid."

I hope you aren't mad at me. Also, for the record: I don't know if the girl he was with is Julianne Hough from Dancing With The Stars. She was blonde and cute, but I can't say for sure if it was her. It's possible. I don't know what he was eating. I think he was wearing a puffy coat and jeans. I'm sorry I can't be more specific. I must say, though... you are a dedicated bunch. He's a lucky guy.


becky said...

do you remember what my response to your "i just saw apolo ohno" text was? i'm pretty sure it was "does he still have the scary flavor saver?" so, yeah, it IS creepy.

reno said...

I just looked at our text exchange from that night (I had to find the exact date and time - for an Ohno fan) and you actually said, "Does he still have that CREEPY flavor saver?" Not scary. The flavor saver, while creepy... isn't really scary. Crap. Now we've insulted AAO even further.

Hartley Family said...

You make me laugh!!!! Three comments:

1) Of all the time I have spent with you in the past, why have I not been with you on ANY of these sightings?

2) How the heck do you have such a long list of sightings? I can't believe all the people you've seen!

3) I really miss you! Come visit! :)