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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dear TiVo,

I know we just met, but I feel comfortable saying this: I am crazy about you. It seems like just yesterday (or the day before) that you arrived on my doorstep in your plain brown cardboard box. And yet, I feel like you already know me so well. How is that possible? How do you know I enjoy such high-quality programming as The Office... but that I simultaneously love the vulgar Extreme Makeover (not Home Edition)? When I tell you to bring me Oprah, you don't look at me with disdain and say "Oprah? Do people seriously watch that crap?" No. You just bring me Oprah. You bring her swiftly and without protest. And then you bring me more.

People won't understand what you and I have. They'll say we're crazy. They'll say we'll never make it. They'll point out that I just quoted Shania Twain. They may even say I'm wasting my life away and that I'll start finding more excuses to watch television. Whatever with them. What they don't know is this: now, instead of flipping mindlessly through the channels and settling on "Flavor of Love," I'll actually get to watch what I like. No more "The Hills." No more horrible MTV dating shows. It's just depressing docu-dramas and Steve Carell from here on out. I realize now that the romance/new relationship analogy has gotten away from me. Oh well.

I hope this feeling lasts forever.



P.S. You looked really cute today.


lisa said...

i have an equally loving relationship with my DVR (comcast's cheap version of TiVo). i understand you completely, and even record Oprah every day. but you should give The Hills a chance.

Hartley Family said... seriously need to be a writter. And- I just wanted to say that I too love TiVo and what did we ever do without it? Really. said...

I can't believe it took you so long to find the love of your life, but it's so worth it, ain't it?
I swear to you, TiVO has saved my marriage -- more than once. I just can't understand why it won't learn that I hate Rachel Ray, despite repeated rejections of her programming. Maybe Ted is watching her when I am not around???

emily said...

I actually TiVo The Hills. Don't judge me. Judging in TiVo is like crying in baseball; there is none.

willandrani said...

You are killing me. I must say I do relate. And I know I've told you before...but ditto Joie.

p.s. Flavour's not that bad. I must confess it's one of my dirty obsessions.

Meghann said...

I have to agree with the majority of these comments. There is nothing wrong with The Hills, or Scott Baio is 40 and Single, or Rock of Love for that matter. Yes, I watched them all and enjoyed every minute of it. However, prepare yourself for the day you have to share your TiVo with someone who likes to record things like NOVA, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force and random other shows on the Military Channel. The TiVo only has so much room, and then suddenly all those Oprahs you have saved in the queue mysteriously get deleted. Sadly, the idea of getting a second DVR for the bedroom has crossed my mind. It hasn't come to that yet, but I'm sure down the road, his and her TiVos might be necessary.

sarah said...

Ah, It's so good to see others love TiVo as much as I do.

p.s. I hope you don't mind that I found your site.
p.p.s. I might have accidentally had a dream featuring you.
p.p.p.s. Um, don't let that whole dream thing freak you out.