Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Exciting news!

My friends at Ollibird are going to be guest host bloggers on Etsy tomorrow! This is exciting because they are talented and awesome, but also because they'll be teaching a little video tutorial on how to "enhance" your photos. I like to imagine it's going to be like on cop movies where the detectives are reviewing a piece of fuzzy black and white film taken from a video camera mounted two miles away from the parking lot where the crime took place. It's just big clots of salt and pepper. But then the chief comes by and is like, "Wait a minute. Enhance. Enhance AGAIN. AGAIN. AGAIN." And then someone mutters, "I think we found our man." And the screen shows a photo so high resolution you can count pores on the dude's nose.

I'm going to be following along, hoping I can prove once and for all that THIS:

Is actually THIS (I swear it was her):