Monday, January 18, 2010

The last two months have contained some of the most stressful AND the most relaxing moments in my recent memory. On December 18, I was so overwhelmed I thought I might go blind... and then on December 20, I spent the entire day in velour, watching the Food Network and playing darts in the garage. I have convinced myself that this on-again/off-again relationship I have with anxiety is good for me. It's like interval training for my brain. And according to my 8th grade soccer coach, interval training is good for me (so stop crying).

There is so much news to share: I started a new job at a company I am really excited about, I got Netflix AND ZipCar for Christmas, a Costco just opened in Manhattan, I discovered Neatorama, I helped build some furniture for our house, I basically mastered Settlers of Catan, and I witnessed this happen four times in a row on the subway:

The funniest part was watching how upset and flustered he got every time he dropped his book! He would get all huffy and stuff the papers back into the book and start reading again... for about five seconds. And then he'd fall asleep, tip forward, and drop his book, scattering the papers all over the floor. What else could I do, but take pictures?


becky said...

oh i almost peed myself with excitement when i saw you had a new post! i have been doing some interval training myself lately. maybe we should give into it and let it give us the perfect abs. wait, that will work, right?

Jessica said...

Well, you just gave me new outlook on my anxiety. I love it!
And that little snail creature sounds quite amazing. Hope your holidays were lovely.

Meghann said...

I love that you've mastered Settlers! If only you had xbox live we could play online together. Or maybe you and dave need to visit Seattle for a little Settlers competition with Joie, Shane, Josh and I.

Sorry I haven't called you back. Will do so this weekend! Miss you!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

How did I miss this post? I check your blog very nearly every day.. I really do need a lesson or two in sniper subway camera shots. Oh wait. YOU have an iPhone..